I Said What I Said Podcast

Best in Podcast

The award-winning, live-show-selling-out-across-continents, unsolicited opinions podcast.


With its first episode released in August 2017, I Said What I Said is now in its sixth season.


Hosted by FK Abudu and Jola Ayeye.

Who Was Prepared for This

What started out as a casual conversational podcast between two friends, has now grown into one of the bigges podcasts in Africa.

With an active and vibrant community of over 120,000  monthly listeners across 190 countries and sold out live shows, FK and Jola have maintained an audience with their authentic and dynamic personalities and they’re just getting started.

Meet Your Hosts

FK Abudu

Feyikemi Abudu is the founder of Unpacked, a recycling plant and luggage designer based in Lagos, Nigeria. A graduate of chemical engineering from University College, London, featured in Time 100 Next Leaders, she was business developer and analyst for 6 years before pivoting into the green economy.

Jola Ayeye

Jola Ayeye is the co-founder and head of development of Salt & Truth, a Lagos based production company with experience in advertisements & television. She is a seasoned script writer with multiple credits across television and film. In November 2020 Jola stared “Happy Noisemaker”, a book club that has since become one of the most popular in West Africa.